Algentra has extensive experience in the automotive sector, building products for in dash, lighting, sensor and other sub assemblies. We prepare all documents such as PPAP, MDS, PSW, Testing amongst others. We keep up to 15 years of production data.

As China continues to dominate in this arena, Algentra utilizes its high volume manufacturing capability to scale its operations and be more lean, productive, and …. Our products vary from Battery chargers, and Set Top Boxes, to Multi Media players and Tablets.

We are excited to contribute to the advancement of Green Energy by developing and manufacturing technology in this segment.  Our Solar customers include Lighting, traffic control, Outdoor camping, and Home Automation.

With stricter governmental requirements in developing countries, comes technological advancements in access control equipment, combining Biometric, RF, Bar Code, NFC, Wifi, Bluetooth and Touch Screen into one.

By serving the Industrial sector in such a wide variety of standards, technologies, and requirements , Algentra continually gains invaluable and diverse knowledge, otherwise not available in certain segments, which it can use to continuously improve and offer solutions to its customers.




Access Control