Q. Why does Algentra continue to manufacture in China if there are other countries that have lower labor rate.

A. There are many factors determined into the overall cost of ownership, and manual labor is only a small part of it. We believe that with the abundance in supply chain, access to talented people, ease of logistics, and many other factors, China is still a very viable solution for many of our customers. We also believe that with our local presence we can be instrumental for our customers to attack the domestic market.


Q. Can you develop designs based on our concepts or improve and modify an existing design?

A. Yes, we have full ODM capabilities which allow us with start from scratch concept or making modifications on a concept or design you may already have.



Q. How quickly can you make prototypes on an existing design?

A. Assuming the components are readily available we can turn around samples within 2-3 weeks.


Q. How quickly can you make a new design for us?

A. It depends on the type of product, but for power supplies, we can have a design in as early as 4 weeks.


Q. Do you have any in house test equipment to verify my designs and how much do you charge for it?

A. Yes we have a full in house non certified lab, which we offer to our customers to do design verifications before starting production. We don’t charge you for the use of our lab.


Q. What makes your company different from the typical Chinese EMS?

A. We ask questions, challenge your design, look for potential problems and verify them in our lab. We provide local service either thru our offices or our Mfrs. Reps. We look at your product from a design, manufacturing and service point of view. We believe that if we can help you provide the best solution to your customer, it will ultimately bring benefits to us as well.


Q. What kind of projects are you interested to build?

A. We look at each project individually, and measure the cost/benefits to determine if it’s viable for us. Generally speaking we look for projects in the $100k-$5M range.