At a Glance


• 150 employees

• 3,500 m2 facility

• 4 SMT Lines

• 2 PTH lines

• 2 manual lines

• RoHS compliant

• ISO 9001 Certification

• Selective coating lines

• ODM Capabilities

• AOI, ICT, FCT, temperature / Humidity chambers



While management, training, hard work, responsibility and structure has allowed our group to grow exponentially, we never forget our beginnings, which is one of limited resources, vision, audacity, and relentlessness. It is with these basic roots, that we’ve been able to climb rapidly in our sector and make an important footprint with our people and customers.

People are the building blocks of our Organization. We strive to attract talented and dedicated individuals by offering them an environment in which to thrive, innovate, and develop their strengths while helping our team to proliferate in the manufacturing of electronic assemblies. People are also the foundation of our customers, whose IP we preserve and with whom we aim to grow their loyalty by offering outstanding products and services.

Executive Team

Max Mostaghimi

Chief Executive Officer

Phoenix, AZ

Max received his BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cal State Fullerton. He held various Engineering positions whit boeing, Rockwell Honeywell and Applied Materials.


KC Lau

Chief Manufacturing Officer

Huizhou, China

KC received his BS Degree in Mechatronics from Xian Tan University. His started as Production Manager whit Tandy (Radio Shack) and V-tech, and went on to hold Manager positions in various International Manufacturing companies such as Sony.


Kia Mostaghimi

Director of Sales & Mktg

Huizhou, China

Kia received his BS Degree in Electro Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona. He initially started his career as a design engineer in the Aerospace Industry, and later as an FAE and Sales Mgr whit a large Japanese Electrical Motor Company. In 1998 he formed his own Mfr’s Rep firm, and subsequently a Distribution company specializing in Electronic components based in Guadalajara Mexico.

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